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Most PC components of our precast concrete building are produced in the factory, transported to the construction site, and then erected. Precision, quality and cost control are guaranteed by mass production on the automated streamline.   On the construction site, we apply tower and mobile cranes for the lifting system. Compared with conventional construction methods, we do not use scaffolding system, reduce wet work and produce much less construction waste, noise and dust.

Differences between Broad’s system and conventional system

Conventional system Broad’s system
Scaffold and safety net needed Scaffold is replaced by climbing formwork.
On-site rebar reinforcement and wood formwork processing Production in factory substitutes for on-site processing
Heavy masonry work No masonry work is needed as interior walls and exterior walls are precast in the factory
Heavy plastering work Precast in the factory and no plastering
Exterior thermal insulation done on site Sandwich exterior wall is precast in the factory.
Much installation and removal of formwork in floor slab construction No installation and removal of formwork
Large amount of form plate Small amount of form plate
No large component is needed to be lifted. PC components and formwork are lift by crane.
Huge waste of rebar and concrete No waste of rebar and concrete
No water-proof treatment on exterior wall seam Water-proof treatment on exterior wall seam
Building garbage, waste water, dust and noise Building garbage, waste water, dust and noise are greatly reduced.

Labor-Machine Field-Factory Construction-Installation Migrant Worker-Industrial worker Skilled worker-Operator


Water saving Energy saving Time saving Material saving Land saving

Safety and environmental protection

Accident free, no garbage, waste water, dust and noise

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