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  Feasibility Study

We perform feasibility study for the client prior to initiating the project. Through comprehensive research and case study, we will examine in detail of the economic benefits, preferred technical solutions, risk identification and countermeasures in the feasibility report.

1. Project overview

2. Background and requirements

3. Advantages of industrialized building: main technical parameters, applicability and legality.

4. Market analysis: product positioning, market competition of residential houses, target market and analysis of market saturation.

5. Required raw material: supply of main raw material, price and price trend of main raw material and norm of material consumption.

6. PC factory design: layout, configuration of equipment, manpower and material, process and precast product system.

7. Construction organization: construction organization plan; estimation of needed manpower, machinery and material

8. Environmental impact assessment: assessment of air impact, noise impact and waste impact

9. Investment estimation and financing plan

10. Financial appraisal: cost estimation; profitability analysis; uncertainty analysis

11. Economic and social benefits analysis

12. Risk analysis: risk identification and countermeasures



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